About us

Our aim at farhorizon is provision of the best in interim and consultancy services in information technology leadership. Information Technology change is a continuum requiring constant attention and clear leadership to maintain stability, efficiency, evolution and results. A thorough understanding of the balance between legacy and future systems, people and processes is mandatory. Within highly competitive markets information is the key that unlocks opportunity. We at farhorizon understand these principles and have proven success in utilising information technology to drive change and deliver positive commercial results for stakeholders.

We are passionate about the use of technology to enhance business process, delivery and value. Underpinning the success of any organisation is effective use of technology governed by a clear understanding of the real value add and total cost of ownership. Far too often technology is held as a panacea for delivery of improved productivity and results without achieving those aims. We can help you to identify the real value of your technology portfolio and using best practice processes define and deliver an IT Strategic road-map to enhance that portfolio and your success.

Our core experience is within the retail sector having worked in permanent and interim capacities in several well known UK and International businesses. This sector experience encompasses high street retail, ecommerce, multi-channel, wholesale distribution and manufacturing within vertically integrated businesses.

We offer an extensive array of services from interim management, strategic reviews, technology profiling, supplier benchmarking, capability assessment and proposals. Please see disciplines for more details. The value of these services can be discovered in the case studies and posts within the site.

Lead consultant Richard Kent has over twenty years experience in IT leadership. See LinkedIn profile.