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Most enlightened and effective businesses have well managed and capable IT functions, after all technology is now at the heart of every business. However, the pace of change has quickened and the demands for corporate advantage drive innovation. Managing a changing IT landscape where new systems and processes appear daily requires a special set of skills and experience. By definition most incumbent managers learn new experience on the job and faced with ever increasing demands for immediate return, can lose sight of the implications of inexperience or judgement. All too quickly the IT portfolio can double, the risks in service management, continuity planning, HR resourcing, quality and customer satisfaction lead to increase needs and costs.

Whilst there is no panacea engaging an experienced CIO to provide a sounding board, mentoring, audit, planning and fiscal control can be a useful and highly effective short term decision. If you are concerned about IT effectiveness in your organisation then we can offer a range of services that can enhance your IT capability and service.