Change is inevitable. New technology is developed that can improve, enhance or replace existing business processes and the skills required to implement, manage and support them. Older technology becomes obsolete, can increase support costs and often leads to diminished access to skilled HR resources. At times transformational change becomes a mandatory imperative often driven by the disruptive technology as has been seen in recent years with the advent of digital.

Technology as an enabler allows for different utilisation of resources and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. Such change impacts people, process and technology, where any one of these could also be a driver for change.

Change within technology can be a complex process requiring a mix of skills and experience to orchestrate effectively. There are hard and soft issues to be considered that often go beyond the bounds of the IT function. As such the IT leader of change must be adept, adaptable, balanced, empathetic, pragmatic and an excellent communicator.

How can we help you?


We have led large scale transformation programmes driven by necessity and opportunity. Integration for mergers and acquisition, consolidation for multi-channel, full system replacement with ERP. We can provide the knowledge, experience, skill and leadership to make your transformation objectives reality. For more information see transformation.


We are experienced in IT organisational design having managed a mix of internal, external, outsourced and off shore teams. Be it to improve moral or standing, changing roles and responsibilities, coaching and mentoring, or leading a team through a technology transformation. For more information see people.


A businesses evolve so new processes are adopted and old processes ceased. Many processes are implicitly linked to provision of IT services. Indeed technology often shapes new processes through technology transformations. We are experienced in major technology implementation where Business Process Re-engineering is a prerequisite. For more information see process.


Implementation of technology is a complex discipline which even in a vanilla site often involves integration to existing systems. New systems bring additional service requirements, business process adaptation or change and the need to educate personnel. We are experienced at major system implementation and point projects involving both commercial software and new development. For more information see technology.