Organisational design and human resource management are mandatory skills for the CIO. Few functions are the subject of change more than the IT function with that change often being driven by external influences. Managing the moral, standing, motivation, workload and advancement of people within IT is a challenge.

IT personnel are subject to multiple internal change drivers that can stimulate or disenfranchise performance. As technology advances so too must the skills and knowledge of the IT worker. For developers creativity is a trait that requires nurturing within defined boundaries to protect standards, workflow and investment. The balanced team comprises a hybrid mix of skills, experience and knowledge at different stages of development. As technology cycles so too must the balance of the team.

When organisations embark on major transformation IT is often at the heart. If this is driven by major system implementation then the only certainty is that IT personnel must adapt and develop. It is at such times that the soft issues become of more import and the CIO requires delivering empathetic leadership.

How can we help you?

We have led large multi-functional teams across IT and business during times of major transformation and change. We are experienced in managing teams of creative, technical, highly skilled and ambitious colleagues through redundancy, outsourcing, off shoring, business integration and growth.

We can

  • Review your overall organisational design against best practice in Service Delivery
  • Assess overall resource capability based on the IT portfolio
  • Assess risk profile within IT organisation and advise on mitigation actions
  • Identify personal development programmes, opportunities and training
  • Provide coaching and mentoring for senior IT leaders
  • Support transformation and change programmes