Business Process Management (BPM) requires understanding both the business and technological drivers of change. Sometimes these are independent but often they evolve in parallel one as the result of the other.

Good business processes should be streamlined, have defined input and outputs, be validated, subject to control / audit and add value to the operation. Technology often plays a pivotal role in providing the framework for BPM and the catalyst for implementation of improvements.

This catalyst can be in the form of new technology, technology or business transformation, innovation, re-engineering, automation or a combination of such drivers. IT plays an important role in defining and designing the technology pathway to support improved business process at times of change.

All technology refresh requires an element of business process review and change. With new system implementation this will involve choices that require analysis and design often impacting multiple sub-systems and processes. Experience in navigating technology and business process mapping is essential.

How can we help you?

We have developed and implemented large scale BPM and process re-engineering based on technology innovation and change. Leaders on major ERP system implementation and integration projects we have defined, refined and designed core business process maps. Using technology innovation we have automated existing and created new efficient processes that add value.

We can

  • Apply best practice BPM to technology change and transformation programmes
  • Identify innovation through technology
  • Support re-engineering of existing systems and processes
  • Develop business process maps against existing IT portfolio