Over time all businesses undergo transformation. Sometimes this will be a slow progression due to changing market demands, competition, re-organisation, regulation or new opportunity. At other times it will be a major fast paced change programme as exampled by merger or acquisition, system refresh or relocation.

People are far more comfortable with progressive change. However, as particularly with new system implementation, rapid change is often a business imperative. In such circumstances there is a clear discipline in transformation and change management that requires rigour, leadership and above all effective execution.

Not all businesses are the same and no one change programme methodology will apply in every case. The business DNA, culture, capability, resources, constraints will all impact the manner and ability to oversee transformation effectively. This is especially so in IT transformations. However, framework practices can be applied and tailored to the local environment.

More recently businesses have undergone or are undergoing change due to multi-channel integration. This requires the alignment of channels and information flows across channels to provide a single consumer experience.

How can we help you?

At farhorizon we have led change and transformation programmes based on acquisition integration, business re-organisation, system implementation, relocation, business re-organisation and innovation through technology.

We can

  • Lead your IT transformation or change programme
  • Provide counsel and support to your IT leadership to manage change
  • Lead new system implementation managing people, process and technology