Appropriate Practice

Every business is different. Whilst there are many common business processes and practices adopted the implementation of these is generally unique. This equally applies to the adoption of technology where every business will have its own maturity profile despite utilisation of much common technology. The evolution of commercial of the shelf software shows us that at base we can follow a norm but customisation will ensure each implementation is different.

To apply a standard set of governance principles is inappropriate. This is true of financial governance as demonstrated by the array of accounting principles and reporting requirements. The aim of good governance is to ensure that the controls and disciplines are appropriate for the size, maturity, complexity, domain, legislation and stakeholders in which and for a company operates. No two businesses will necessarily apply the same governance principles. However, as the factors affecting an organisation increase the likely regulation of markets, industry, protection of consumers and application of law form a more standardised model.

Given so many variables what is the appropriate level of IT governance for your organisation?

How do you adapt your governance to suit changes in the dynamics of the business?

How can we help you?

We can help by,

  • Defining a set of best practice governance principles appropriate to your organisation
  • Providing a framework to allow adoption of new principles and processes
  • Develop feedback processes to ensure that management are kept informed of governance principles