Business Continuity

The unsinkable ship sank. No matter what we believe there are inherent risks in every organisation that can lead to a business continuity risk that could at worst sink the company. Adoption of information technology adds complexity that is often misunderstood or disregarded. However, you can mitigate against the risks created and potentially unknown risks by implementing a well crafted and documented Business Continuity Plan.

We are the first to exclaim that business continuity planning is not the sole responsibility of the IT function. However, the disciplines and knowledge of the IT team are well placed to either commence a BCP or assess the overall adequacy and suitability for the organisation. BCP should cover all aspects of operations whereas IT generally provides the how, HR provide the who, logistics provide the what, facilities management provide the where. Only when all aspects of business operations are covered can you be comfortable you have a well crafted plan. Finally, before the box is shut the processes must be tested.

How can we help you?

BCP is an oft left process but forms an intrinsic part of good governance. Each organisation is different in its needs based on assessment of the risks – what could happen, how likely is it to happen, what would be the impact, what are the costs of prevention? Each of these questions is subjective. We can help you by providing an objective assessment of the bcp.

  • Validate or define the risk assessment for your industry and business operations
  • Confirm and challenge the likelihood / probability assessment
  • Identify mitigating actions for each risk event
  • Confirm or define IT infrastructure requirements and capability
  • Provide a financial model to support the bcp
  • Oversee validation and testing of the plan