Governance Audit

What does good IT governance mean in your business? All businesses operate some form of governance but often it is through implied or informal processes. Regardless, the inherent feature of governance is to ensure IT investments and decisions go toward supporting the business in achieving its goals and managing risk. How can you be reassured that your implementation and use of technology is bound by appropriate governance principles and processes?

If you do not have an understanding in respect of management and control of your IT investments this is a clear indication of operating in uncertainty. You would not allow a finance function to operate outside a defined governance and reporting framework so why would it be acceptable for IT?

How can we help you?

If you have any doubts as to your organisation’s IT governance and control then a Governance Audit would be appropriate. We would,

  • Review and document existing IT governance principles and processes
  • Assess adequacy of your governance model against best practice appropriate for your organisation and industry
  • Define an action plan for change, maintenance and control of your IT governance going forward