Information Technology Strategy is the most important part of IT utilisation within an organisation. The IT Strategy should align with the overall business strategy and clearly communicate the goals of the IT function in delivering value to the organisation. With technology change becoming an increasingly dynamic process effective utilisation of the technology portfolio is key. This is no more so than in multi-channel businesses.

To be successful the IT Strategy must,

  • Encompass the overall vision and values of the organisation
  • Be communicated effectively to the executive
  • Meet the organisational constraints of the business
  • Effectively utilise technology in supporting business objectives
  • Be flexible adapting to changes in technology and business development

Importantly the overall technology portfolio and service delivery must not constrain the business.

How can we help?

Multi-channel strategy

Creating an effective and integrated multi-channel technology platform is a complex arena. Harnessing existing systems capabilities and platforms to support development an eCommerce platform creates more heterogeneous systems. This adds greatly to the infrastructure, service delivery and service support requirements of your organisation.

True multi-channel businesses are still the exception. We can help you by reviewing the overall IT strategy and developing alignment and a technology profile to support an integrated multi-channel capability that maximise overall return on investment. For more information see multi-channel.

Business alignment

The most critical aspect of Information Technology Strategy is the alignment of the IT Strategy with the overall business strategy and direction. Whilst full alignment is always desirable it is often difficult to achieve due to a number of factors that constrain technology adoption and development. For example,

  • Investment capability
  • Technology profile
  • Timing
  • Resistance to change
  • Education and training requirements

It is often better to identify core principles for technology investment and management whilst defining an overall direction of travel of IT towards the business strategy. We can help you by reviewing your overall business strategy and providing a framework of change to create a direction of travel for technology investment and use to move the IT Strategy closer to alignment with the business strategy. For further information see alignment.

Technology strategy

The second area concerns use of technology and the requirement to understand your technology portfolio in light of a workable investment process and governance. Most businesses operate heterogeneous systems that require effective cycling to maintain capability, competitiveness, support and opportunity. Technology should be classified according to the capability it provides in furtherance of corporate goals. Eventually all systems become obsolete and the understanding of timely investment decisions key to the overall IT Strategy.

Your technology will comprise,

  • Future – technology that will shape the future capabilities and competitiveness of the organisation
  • New – recently adopted requiring implementation and post implementation support
  • Current – technology that is in production use meeting the current capabilities and requirements of the organisation
  • Sunset – systems that are end of life in support or process capabilities
  • Redundant – old or obsolete technology no longer supportable or appropriate for business needs

To support your growth a portfolio plan detailing the why’s and wherefore’s of technology utilisation is imperative. We can help by defining, documenting and developing a portfolio plan to support your needs for further information see technology.