Multi-channel Strategy

Today few businesses operate in isolation of the Internet. For some this means no more than email and a marketing web-site but for the majority it means multi-channel operations. Multi-channel is an oft heard but seldom executed construct. Transaction processing online is an adjunct to core operations and often delivers a different consumer experience.

The move from alternate channel to multi-channel is complex both operationally and technologically. Traditional ERP and core processing systems have embraced multi-channel as an add-on not part of the core architecture. As such much compromise is required and importantly duality of data.

Information Technology is at the heart of any true multi-channel operation and an effective strategy key to successful implementation. As more business is executed at arms length over the Internet the control and flow of information as an holistic asset is paramount. Effective technology design using service orientation, coupling, data hubs, orchestration and usability must be planned and delivered.

How can we help you?

Our expertise has been gained at the forefront of multi-channel enterprise having delivered eCommerce technology platforms that are scalable, robust, integrated, dynamic and usable across international businesses.

We can

  • Advise on technology utilisation and integration across channels
  • Develop a Service Oriented Architecture plan
  • Review and develop a multi-channel infrastructure platform
  • Advise on plan build run processes and agile development methods
  • Provide an objective appraisal of online operations and integration