Request for Proposal

Choosing the right system for any business is a complex process being affected by many competing needs and wants. All technology being implemented should be aligned to the business objectives and the overall IT Strategic framework. However, often a too rigid view is taken on either or both of these core principles.

Of utmost importance is “fitness for purpose”. This can mean supporting a hybrid of requirements from usability, performance, service support, integration complexity, architecture, cost, preference, risk and business process integration. If there are unusual or unique process requirements this may also involve the additional risk of engaging a new technology or partner.

From inside an organisation it is difficult to be objective when reviewing and balancing all of the needs, wants and principles. Whilst best placed to understand the business dynamics placing these in context of a wider framework is often restricted.

Even in organisations with well founded strategy’s compromise is inevitable. Making often difficult and far reaching decisions requires an overview across the organisation that is agnostic to competing functional detail. What at first may appear a soft need for one team may in fact be a critical delivery criterion.

How can we help you?

We have been engaged in end to end selection and implemention processes both on an internal and external basis. Our experience encompasses full system replacement, point solutions, integration and business transformation. Importantly we can provide the objective assessment you need to to make an informed and solid business case for your decision.

We can

  • Provide objective and experienced leadership of the selection process from inception to implementation
  • Assess the technology market for suitable partners and solutions
  • Evaluate fit against business and IT principles and objectives
  • Ensure full and effective engagement between functions managing the IT and business relationships
  • Provide external audit and validation of a proposed change