Security Review

Digtal technology is changing how we do things none more so than in how easy it is to connect systems and move data seamlessly from place to place. Much of this change has been driven by users impatient at internal IT to support their ever growing need for information availability. As such adoption of personal cloud storage, email access on smart phones and tablets has made your infomration more available to them. However, this comes at risk of integrity and confidentiality of the information and compliance with anti-virus, spam and other security processesing in place within your organisation.

It may be too late to stop adotpion of such exteranl services and so it imperative that all business understand and implement an effective and adequate Information Security Framework and Policy. We are moving from physical control in the atomic world to logical control in the digital world. Whilst this may not increase risk to your own corporate information you have increasing external obligations to protect third party data be that through PCI or Data Protection. The reputational brand damage that a data breach could cause is incalculable.

How can we help?

We can undertake a full and comprehensive IT Security Review that will,

  • Audit existing security principles and assess suitability given the organisations business landscape
  • Review governance requirements and create a risk profile for information assets
  • Provide a classification and marking system suitable for the business risk to manage availibility, integrity and confidentiality of information assets.
  • Create and document the Information Security Framework and Policy
  • Provide tools and methodas to ensure communication and ongoing management of the policy